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Steel Purification Windows

Steel purification window is also known as the double-layer tempered glass window. It is also a kind of clean hollow window, the outer frame is made of aluminum alloy material edge, beautiful shape. The glass in the frame adopts double-layer insulating glass. That is, the two pieces of glass are separated by an effective sealing material and a spacer material, and between the two pieces of glass is equipped with a desiccant hole that absorbs water vapor. Thus ensuring that the inside of the insulating glass is a dry air layer for a long time, and there is no moisture and dust; The size can be customized according to customer needs.

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The product has a beautiful surface, sound insulation, insulation, thermal insulation, earthquake resistance, and fire performance in line with national standards. It is often used in the overall purification project of color steel plate, covering hospitals (purification rooms), chemical (fireproof workshops), electronics (industrial plants) and so on.

Double-layer insulating glass can greatly reduce the number of decibels of noise. The general insulating glass can reduce the noise by 30-45dB. The principle of sound insulation is: the air in the sealed space of insulating glass, due to the adsorption of the high-efficiency molecular sieve filled in the aluminum frame, becomes a dry gas with a very low sound conductivity, thus constituting a sound barrier.If the insulating glass sealed space is an inert gas, its sound insulation effect can be further improved.

Double-layer insulating glass is mainly used for outer glass decoration. Its optical properties, thermal conductivity, and sound insulation coefficient should meet national standards.


1. Easy to clean, not easy to corrode, self-cleaning and antibacterial, beautiful and transparent.
2. The glass inter layer has been treated, and the temperature difference does not fog and has sterile spots.
3. Using tempered glass, when broken, the fragments become obtuse-angle particles, reducing the risk of human injury.
Three shapes are available for you to choose: right-angled black edge, right-angled white edge, and inner rounded corner.

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