Manufacturer customized high-quality radiation proof lead glass 600 * 800 lead glass

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Manufacturer customized high-quality radiation proof lead glass 600 * 800 lead glass

Shandong Heru Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2020 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is an industry and trade integration of company! Its sales headquarters are located in the Shandong Liaocheng High-tech Zone, and its R&D and manufacturing centers are located in Qiji Town, Yanggu County,Liaocheng. The company has 20 years of production experience, advanced production equipment, strong technical force, stable product quality. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of radiation protection materials.

Lead glass has the characteristics of clean interior materials, good transparency, large lead equivalent and strong radiation protection. It can effectively block X-rays, y-rays, drilled 60 rays and isotope scanning.

It can be divided into ZF2 lead glass, ZF3 lead glass, ZF6 lead glass and other models. It is mainly used to shield x-rays and y-rays. It is a necessary observation window for medical and nuclear power plants.

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The common thickness of lead glass is 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 20mm.10 mm corresponds to 2 lead equivalents, 12 mm is 2.5 lead equivalents, 15 mm is 3 lead equivalents, 18 mm is 4 lead equivalents, and 20 mm is 4.5 lead equivalents.More than 20mm thick can be customized. Generally, 3-4 lead equivalents are used in CT rooms, and 2-3 lead equivalents are used in stomatological hospitals.

At present, the ZF2 lead glass and ZF3 lead glass used in China are almost the same kind, the lead equivalent and density are the same, the density is 4.2, and the light transmittance reaches about 95%, so we do not have to entangle the relationship between zf2 and zf3 lead glass, which is actually a glass.

ZF6 lead glass has the characteristics of high lead content, good protection, light weight, and is solid and durable, mainly used in nuclear power plants, atomic energy applications and other nuclear industry fields.

Lead glass is chemically stable better than pure phosphate glass. However, if the phosphate system is combined with a silicate system, a desalination system, or other systems, miscible phenomena occur immediately -7.4.3 high lead silicate glass, the color depends on the structure.High lead silicate glass is generally yellowish green. In transparent optical glass, the influence of copper or ions on glass and the change of glass structure have significant influence on the transmittance of lead glass.

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