Lead Brick Polishing Dovetail Shaped Square

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Lead Brick Polishing Dovetail Shaped Square

Lead block, also known as lead brick, can be divided into cast lead brick, heterosexual lead block.

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Widely used in the manufacture of chemical and metallurgical equipment. Lead alloys are used as bearings, movable gold ,solder and so on. Lead blocks are weak metals that are soft and ductile, and are also heavy metals. With a knife can be cut it, lead is a silvery white heavy metal with blue, melting point is 327.502 °C, boiling point is 1740 °C, density is 11.3437 g / cm³, hardness is 1.5, soft texture, small tensile strength, and low price, so lead block / lead brick is commonly used to counterweight.

Lead is an important material because it isolates harmful ionizing radiation, so lead bricks are used in the nuclear, medical and engineering industries as lead shielding components for 50mm and 100 mm thick walls to protect against ionizing radiation. Lead bricks are basically rectangular bricks with interlocking capabilities. It is mainly used in the manufacture of shielding walls in places or processes where the radiation potential is very high.

Lead bricks are a convenient solution for temporary or permanent shielding/storage situations. Lead bricks are easy to stack, unfold, and redeploy for maximum protection. Lead bricks are made of the highest quality lead, have a standard hardness, and the surface is flat and smooth, enabling perfectly flush installation even at sharp right angles. They provide protection from radioactive radiation in the laboratory and working environment (wall assembly). Interlocking lead blocks make it easy to erect, change and redeploy protective walls and shielded chambers of any size.

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