High – quality manufacturer custom – made protective lead box syringe protective cover

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High – quality manufacturer custom – made protective lead box syringe protective cover

A thick shielded container, usually made of lead, used for the transport or storage of radioisotopes or other radioactive substances that can emit a variety of rays in a decay reaction that often have adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, look for substances that can “block” these rays as containers.

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    Radiation-proof lead boxes are also known as radioactive source storage barrels, medical lead boxes.

    The commonly used size of the radiation-proof lead box is 300 *300 400 *400 500 *500, etc., and the size specifications can also be customized according to customer needs.

    Lead boxes are lead metal boxes with moving wheels, brakes, and used to store radioactive materials; Effectively isolate radioactive material. The surface of the lead alloy produces oxides, sulfides or Double salt compound coating during the corrosion process, which has the effect of preventing oxidation, vulcanization, dissolution or volatilization, so it has good corrosion resistance in air, sulfuric acid, fresh water and seawater. If the lead alloy lead plate contains impurities such as bismuth, magnesium, and zinc that are not solidly soluble in lead or form a second phase, the corrosion resistance will be reduced. The addition of tellurium and selenium can eliminate the harmful effects of impurities bismuth on corrosion resistance. The addition of antimony and tellurium to bismuth-containing lead alloys can refine the grain structure, increase strength, inhibit the harmful effects of bismuth, and improve corrosion resistance.

    According to performance and use, lead alloys can be divided into corrosion-resistant alloys, battery alloys, solder alloys, printing alloys, bearing alloys and mold alloys.Lead boxes are used to place substances with radioactive elements, and are often used in nuclear medicine, nuclear medicine (radioactive) laboratories, inspection and quarantine, prevention centers, biological laboratories, industrial flaw detection ray protection, etc. Lead equivalent (1mmpb-30mmpb can be customized), the material is high-quality stainless steel, and the internal lead tank is cast or lead plate seamless welding. The bottom of the box is equipped with 4 universal wheels, the lid part and the leaded part of the box are chimerized, the rays will not leak from any angle, and the two sides of the box are equipped with stainless steel handles that meet the human hand.

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