Interlocking Transfer Windows

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Interlocking Transfer Windows

The transfer window includes a window, and both sides of the window are provided with windows and doors that are rotatably connected to the window. It is characterized in that a telescopic rod is arranged inside the window, and the telescopic rod is composed of a rod and two rods hinged with the rod. The rod and the two rods are respectively connected with the windows on both sides of the window, a filter is arranged above the window, the filter is connected to an annular air outlet, the annular air outlet is provided with a plurality of air outlet holes.

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1. The transfer window is mainly used to transfer small items between the clean area and the clean area, and between the clean area and the non-clean area, so as to reduce the number of door openings in the clean room and minimize the cross-contamination between the clean areas.

2. The transfer window is composed of the left box body, the right box body (the interlocking device is installed in the box body), the upper box body, the lower box body, the inner wall, and the double door structure of the transfer window.

3. The transfer window interlocking principle is related
The transfer window can be divided into: electronic interlock transfer window and mechanical interlock transfer window according to different interlocking methods.
A. The mechanical interlock system can effectively reduce cross-contamination when transferring items. Mechanical interlocking is achieved through mechanical interlocking system technology. For example, two switches cannot be closed simultaneously by a mechanical lever.
B. Electronic interlock is to realize interlock through mechanical interlock system technology of electric interlock device. For example, two switches cannot be closed at the same time by the electric lock lever.
C. The purification interlocking transfer window has reliable and stable performance by improving the internal structure of the interlocking system.

4. The protective doors on both sides are equipped with high lead glass windows.

5. Embedded lighting and ultraviolet sterilization lamps.

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