Ward Steel Door Refined Radiation Protection

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Ward Steel Door Refined Radiation Protection

With the development of china’s medical industry today, the use of professional steel ward doors has become the first choice for many hospitals.

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What are the requirements for choosing a steel ward door?
1. Must be impact resistant, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant
Hospital ward doors will inevitably collide with hard objects such as beds, wheelchairs, etc. Sometimes the collisions are very strong. In addition, hospitals are public places, so violent uses such as kicking and slamming on doors are inevitable.If the steel door is not strong enough, these violent uses will inevitably cause the inner door to be unable to continue to be used. Hospitals disinfect doors every day with disinfectants, which corrode the doors and are prone to flaking and fading.Moreover, the sweat on human hands is also very corrosive. There is a lot of people in the hospital. Excessive sweat will definitely discolor the inner door. The professional steel ward door uses a new type of board "HPL Fire Resistant Antibacterial Board".This material is not only scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, but also has a better scratch-resistant effect, but also has acid and alkali resistance properties, so that steel ward doors can achieve normal opening and closing strength thousands of times.

2. Doors and door covers must be securely fixed
One of the main characteristics of hospital ward doors is that they are often opened and closed. Regular examinations by medical staff, injections and dressing changes, bed examinations by doctors, and family visits. The inner doors of hospitals are opened and closed hundreds of times a day. If the door leaf and door frame are not strong enough, then the door is bound to have a problem. Steel took this problem into account at the beginning of the ward door design. The door leaf is designed with 0.8mm galvanized sheet to prevent the door from deforming due to the frequent use of steel ward doors. The door frame of the ward door is 1.5 mm galvanized. The flexible bending of the plates enhances the support of the door frame and prevents the use of steel doors from being affected by the deformation of the door frame.

3. Must be moisture-proof and waterproof
The daily cleaning of the hospital is also a major test for the hospital door, so the steel ward door must have good moisture resistance. Steel ward doors have good moisture resistance in wet-prone parts. Both of the door frames are close to the ground and have moisture-proof edges, so that the steel ward doors can be adapted to the climatic environment of different regions.

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